Internet Speed

How to Test Internet Speed

Did you know that there is a way to check up on your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and make sure they are truly giving you your Internet speed that you are paying for? If you ever feel like your internet speed is real slow or lagging, you might want to run a speed test to see how much bandwidth is available to you at the current time. There are several different websites offering a speed test. Note: One thing to remember, you should never pay for a speed test. Some websites will make you pay for this service. There are plenty of websites that offer this service FREE to the public. Below, I will list a couple of the websites that you can visit to test your ISP’s speed. Internet Speed Test

Internet Speed TestLately, we found has stood out the best and has been the most accurate internet speed test of all. has a large list of global test locations available, this makes for more accurate test results.

As well as having a large global list of test locations, this website will search for the nearest server automatically based on your IP Address for even more accurate test results. also have apps for both iOS (iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc.) and Android platforms. This allows you to be able to test your phones or any another other device’s internet speed. Internet Speed Test

Over the years we have used to be our top speed tester and have never been disappointed. We just recently switched from usingInternet Speed Test 2 to using not because of any flaws in their operation but because we feel was more user friendly. As far as accuracies both are equal and of great quality. The only downside we have seen that has is that it does not automatically search for your closet server, you have to manually choose the area where you are closest to. Which is not a bad thing for more advanced users but for beginners it can be quite confusing.

Note: Like, uses Ookla as their servers.