Install Internet Browser

Install Internet Browser How-To

If you have a Windows based computer then your default internet browser will be Internet Explorer. But what if you want to change it? We are going to walk you through on how to install internet browser the easiest and fastest way. We will also install the browser without any extra settings to modify, tool-bars being added, and you can still work on your computer at the same time as the install is taking place.

Finding the right Internet Browser

Finding the right Internet Browser can be tricky sometimes. You want a browser that is easy to navigate and has a reputable record when dealing with viruses and other forms of malware. Our top source would be Mozilla Firefox and then a very close second would have to be Google Chrome. There are other browsers on the market that load pages a lot differently, provide faster surfing speeds, and contain more expanded features.

How to Install Internet Browser: Basics

1. Open your current Internet Browser and navigate to Ninite. This is a very handy website that will install internet browser very easily and quickly.
2. Put a check mark beside the Browser that you want to download.

Install Internet Browser

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Get Installer”.

Install Internet Browser 5

4. On the next page you will need to click on “Download Installer”.

Install Internet Browser 2

5. The Installer will install internet browser. When it finishes you will need to hit close.

6. The great thing about installing your internet browser through Ninite is this process fun in the background while you work or surf the internet and it will not download the extra tool-bars and change your settings. Also, this is just a one click setup. You will not have to go through the hassle of setting the configurations up. It automatically does this for you.


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