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Forgotten Password

Forgotten Password Reset Computer Repair Services Pro comes into contact a lot of times with this same problem forgotten passwords, “I forgot my password on my computer, how do I reset it?” Even though it may seem like this is

Backup Data

How do I Backup Data on my Computer? Why do I need to backup data on my computer? If you are like us or everyone else in this world, we tend to take lots of pictures, record lots of videos,

Install Internet Browser

Install Internet Browser How-To If you have a Windows based computer then your default internet browser will be Internet Explorer. But what if you want to change it? We are going to walk you through on how to install internet

Wireless Internet Security

How to Setup: Wireless Internet Security Wireless Internet Security is fairly easy to setup. Most people think this is a job only for computer professionals but actually anyone can do it. If the next little bit, we will walk you

Internet Speed

How to Test Internet Speed Did you know that there is a way to check up on your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and make sure they are truly giving you your Internet speed that you are paying for? If you

Overheating Issues

What is an Overheating Issue? Have you ever noticed in your house, when you leave your ceiling fan on everyday for a week, the amount of dust it collects on it? This is the same thing that happens to computers.

Disable Pop-ups

This is how you disable Pop-ups in Internet Explorer 10 and older (Windows 7)   1. From the Tools menu, select Internet Options.                                 2.

Installing a Printer

Step by step Instructions on Installing a Printer. Installing a Printer can be very easy task to complete. There are a couple of ways of going about this installation. First, by using the Manufacturer’s Installation Disc (This is the disc

Maintaining Virus Protection

Maintaining Virus Protection the Right Way Computer Repair Services Pro will help you discover how maintaining virus protection  software is essential to owning a computer. Think of it this way, when you buy a car you know you have to

Virus Removal

Virus Removal Tips: Virus removal is the process of determining if you even have a virus, what kind of virus it is, and the removal of the virus. But what is a Computer Virus? A computer virus is an executable