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Computer Repair Services Pro comes into contact a lot of times with this same problem forgotten passwords, “I forgot my password on my computer, how do I reset it?” Forgotten-PasswordEven though it may seem like this is a big issue this is a fairly easy fix. Sit back and read how to fix this issue for yourself, instead of paying $50 to get it fixed for you.

Forgotten Password Windows 7 or XP

Step 1: Log into the computer with another administrator account.

Step 2: You will need to open up the “Run” dialog box. You can do this by simply pressing the Windows key and the letter “R” at the same time or you can click start and search for Run without the quotes.

Step 3: Once the Run dialog box is up type cmd and hit enter, this will bring up a Command Window (screen will be black with white writing).

Step 4: After the Command window is up you will need to type in net user and hit enter. This is going to show you what users are available on your computer.

Step 5: Choose your user name. Let’s say your name is Mary.

Step 6: Now let’s reset your password. Please type net user Mary * and hit enter.

Step 7: The next screen that comes up will ask you to type a password for the user. This is where you want to create a new password, for example only let’s use password for the password. Now when you type this you will not see the password being typed, so carefully type it in and hit enter. Now, please confirm this password again by typing it once more and then hit enter.

Step8: You are finished with resetting the forgotten password. Now you can restart your computer and now log in with your user account.


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