Computer Repair Technician Rip Off!

Will a Computer Repair Technician Rip you off?

computer repair technicianThis is one of the reasons why we at Computer Repair Services Pro are creating this website is to prevent a computer repair technician from ripping you off. We want to inform you about simple computer repairs that you can do to keep your money in your own pocket. How to talk to a Technician if they were to work on your computer. And how to spot someone that is trying to rip you off, by telling you a bunch of mumbo jumbo.

About 78 percent of households in the United States own a computer. And about less ten percent of those households actually know what a computer is and how it works. The lack of knowledge about a computer can lead you into trusting your local computer repair technician, which makes you an easy target, and could cost you a lot more money in the end. Computer Repair shops are popping up all over the country wanting to fix your computer. Granted some of these companies are very legit and are out to just help you and make a living while doing it. But there are some companies that are out there to just rip you off. Computer Repair Technicians can and will rip you off if you don’t know what they are saying, that is just a given. But let us explain how you can stop it from happening to you.

The first thing to do is know the basics of a computer. What does the hard drive do? What is RAM or memory etc…? The next thing is try to sound like you know something about what you are talking about. You don’t have to be an expert in the computer field, but you do need to know how to describe an issue that you are having. Try telling the computer person what you were doing before you had your problem. You could even try a couple of easy steps to fix your computer. Like restart your computer. Restart your cable modem. Make sure all the necessary cords are plugged up to your computer. After reading some of our repairs or articles, you should be able to diagnose your own problem. But the goal of this is by going this extra mile, you will prove to your computer technician you know something about your computer. And lastly, ask questions. If the computer technician says “you have a bad motherboard,” ask “what leads you to believe this”? If he says “your video card needs replacing” and says “you need to purchase a high end card”, ask him, “do I really need this or is this an upgrade”?

Bottom line there are a lot of computer technicians that are out to rip you off. But if you what to look for and how to spot them then you will be more aware and less likely to just hand your money over to a random guy.

Please take a second to watch this video this video that actually proves what I am saying is the truth.


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Forgotten Password

Forgotten Password Reset

Computer Repair Services Pro comes into contact a lot of times with this same problem forgotten passwords, “I forgot my password on my computer, how do I reset it?” Forgotten-PasswordEven though it may seem like this is a big issue this is a fairly easy fix. Sit back and read how to fix this issue for yourself, instead of paying $50 to get it fixed for you.

Forgotten Password Windows 7 or XP

Step 1: Log into the computer with another administrator account.

Step 2: You will need to open up the “Run” dialog box. You can do this by simply pressing the Windows key and the letter “R” at the same time or you can click start and search for Run without the quotes.

Step 3: Once the Run dialog box is up type cmd and hit enter, this will bring up a Command Window (screen will be black with white writing).

Step 4: After the Command window is up you will need to type in net user and hit enter. This is going to show you what users are available on your computer.

Step 5: Choose your user name. Let’s say your name is Mary.

Step 6: Now let’s reset your password. Please type net user Mary * and hit enter.

Step 7: The next screen that comes up will ask you to type a password for the user. This is where you want to create a new password, for example only let’s use password for the password. Now when you type this you will not see the password being typed, so carefully type it in and hit enter. Now, please confirm this password again by typing it once more and then hit enter.

Step8: You are finished with resetting the forgotten password. Now you can restart your computer and now log in with your user account.


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Backup Data

How do I Backup Data on my Computer?

Backup Data 1Why do I need to backup data on my computer? If you are like us or everyone else in this world, we tend to take lots of pictures, record lots of videos, and have lots of music stored on our computers. Let’s say that you have somehow downloaded a virus by accident on your computer and all of a sudden your computer will not start back up? Now you think to yourself, “WOW, I just lost everything”!

What if I told you that there was a way to prevent this from happening to you and you wouldn’t have to lift a single finger past the initial setup process? Well, there is. With Windows 7 there is a “Backup and Restore” feature that is built in (this feature has been in most Microsoft platforms for a while now but we are just going to walk you through the Windows 7 way). We are going to walk you through exactly how to use this feature and also show you have to manually backup data on your computer (manual backup of data is not ongoing, it is a one-time backup, any changes made after this backup will not be backed up).

Things to think about before you begin

1. What files do you want to backup? Programs such as Microsoft Office, Anti-Virus, and Games will not be backed up. Typical files that will be backed up are My Documents, Pictures, and Favorites.

2. It is a good practice in having more than one copy of your backup. Think about making several different backups to different external devices like a flash drive, external hard drive, or a CD/DVD.

3. Another thing to think about is when do you want your computer backed up? If you work on your computer during the day then a backup might need to take place at night when you are not using your computer.

4. Lastly, how often do you need your computer backed up? If you are a casual computer user then you might consider a weekly backup. But if you are a heavy user working every day and making changes on your computer then you may want to make a backup about every other day or so.

Using Windows to backup data

1. Open the Start menu and start typing “Backup”. Backup and Restore should pop up. Please click on Backup and Restore.

Backup Data

2. Click “Set up backup”

Backup Data 2

3. Select where you want to save you backup. You can save it on a DVD drive or even a Flash Drive.

Backup Data 4

4. The next option is going to ask “What do you want to backup?” Please select “Let me choose”

Backup Data 5

5. You will want to navigate to your user folder by clicking on the drop down arrow on the left side of My Computer and do it again for Local Disk (C:). Then scroll down to you find “Users” and then click the drop down arrow next to your User name.

Backup Data 6

6. From here you will want to select all the folders that you want to backup but placing a check mark next to the folder. And click next.

Backup Data 7

7. If these settings are fine with you then click “Save settings and run backup”. If they are not then click “Change schedule” and change it to what you would like.

Backup Data 8

8. Your backup schedule has now been set and the computer is in the middle of backing your data up. Once this is done it will have created your backup and schedule your ongoing backups.


Manual Backup Data Process

1. Open My Computer and Double Click on “Local Disk (C:)

Backup Data 9

2. Scroll and find “Users” and then double click on it.

Backup Data 10

3. Double click on your user name.

4. Select all items to backup. (Hint: Hold CTRL and click on items to select individual items to backup)

Backup Data 11

5. Right click on one of the selected items and then click “Copy”.

Backup Data 12

6. You can paste this on a flash drive or burn to a DVD.


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Install Internet Browser

Install Internet Browser How-To

If you have a Windows based computer then your default internet browser will be Internet Explorer. But what if you want to change it? We are going to walk you through on how to install internet browser the easiest and fastest way. We will also install the browser without any extra settings to modify, tool-bars being added, and you can still work on your computer at the same time as the install is taking place.

Finding the right Internet Browser

Finding the right Internet Browser can be tricky sometimes. You want a browser that is easy to navigate and has a reputable record when dealing with viruses and other forms of malware. Our top source would be Mozilla Firefox and then a very close second would have to be Google Chrome. There are other browsers on the market that load pages a lot differently, provide faster surfing speeds, and contain more expanded features.

How to Install Internet Browser: Basics

1. Open your current Internet Browser and navigate to Ninite. This is a very handy website that will install internet browser very easily and quickly.
2. Put a check mark beside the Browser that you want to download.

Install Internet Browser

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Get Installer”.

Install Internet Browser 5

4. On the next page you will need to click on “Download Installer”.

Install Internet Browser 2

5. The Installer will install internet browser. When it finishes you will need to hit close.

6. The great thing about installing your internet browser through Ninite is this process fun in the background while you work or surf the internet and it will not download the extra tool-bars and change your settings. Also, this is just a one click setup. You will not have to go through the hassle of setting the configurations up. It automatically does this for you.


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Wireless Internet Security

How to Setup: Wireless Internet Security

Wireless Internet Security is fairly easy to setup. Most people think this is a job only for computer professionals but actually anyone can do it. If the next little bit, we will walk you through on how to setup your home wireless internet security settings to be extremely secure. Some of the more popular Wireless routers are: Linksys, Netgear, Belkin, and CiscoWireless Internet Security

Log into Wireless Modem

The first thing you will need to do is log into your wireless modem with the ‘Default Gateway” IP address. To find this IP address you will need to open up a command line.

On a windows 7 computer you will click on start and then start typing cmd. This will take you to a DOS command line. Then from here you will type ipconfig and hit enter. Scroll down until you find “default gateway”. This is the IP that you will need to type into an Internet Browser to access your wireless modem.

On a Mac you will need to go to your System Preferences folder, and then click on Network. On the left hand side you will need to select the card that says “connected”. Once you have clicked on the connected card; click on Advanced in the lower right hand corner. Select the TCP/IP tab at the top. From here you will see “Router” in the middle of the screen; this will be your ‘Default Gateway’ IP Address that you will type in your internet browser.

From here you will need to type the Default IP Address into your internet browser. This will take you to a login page to login to your Wireless router. Enter your routers username and password. This information should have come with your router’s documentation. If you cannot find this documentation, try using “admin” or a black field for the username and “admin”, “password” or leave the password field blank. If none of these passwords or usernames work, you will need to search for your router’s default username and password online.


Enable Wireless Internet Security

Once you have this username and password you will need to log in and set your wireless internet security settings. Navigate to the “Wireless” tab and select “Wireless Security”. You will need to select the security mode from the list, like WPA, WEP, and WPA2. We suggest if you have a newer router to select WPA or WPA2 if at all possible, since WEP is pretty easy to hack. Note: You will need to use the same form on all your devices on your network (you can’t have both WEP and WPA2 on the same network). WPA and WPA2 use keys that change dynamically, which is almost impossible to compromise. Make sure that when you set your password you make it very strong by combining letters and numbers of at least 14 characters or more.

Let’s say you have an older router that only supports WEP, you will be safest to use the 128-bit WEP keys (Also check the manufacturers website for a firmware upgrade that will add WPA support).

Before leaving the routers settings make sure you change the default network name and password. This will make it more difficult for anyone to hack into your router.

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Free Antivirus

Free Antivirus Install

They are many different Free Antivirus companies to choose from. We will be showing you today one of them and that is AVG. We have always recommended AVG to anyone that doesn’t want to pay for their antivirus. AVG does a great job in the amount of updates they have to their free version.

There are a couple of different ways that you can install a free antivirus. One way is to go to the Manufacture’s website and download it from there or you may go to a website that will allow you to download it from their site. We will walk you through both methods and show you that the latter one is a lot easier to do.

AVG’s Website

The first way to download free antivirus is to go to the Manufactures website to get it.

1. So go to AVG  and click on the download button in the middle of the screen.

Free Anti-Virus

On the next page scroll down to the bottom of the page and Click the Download button.

Free Anti-Virus 2

Note: If you were to click the “Free Trial” button, AVG will be installed but you will only have a 30 Day Trial version of the software and at the end of the 30 day trial you would need to upgrade it or reinstall the “Free Version”.

2. On the next page you will notice that AVG has redirected you to CNET, this is perfectly fine. Now select the “Download Now” button in the middle of the screen. This will start the install of AVG. Free Anti-Virus 3







Note: Depending on what Internet Browser you are using is what you will click next. We are using Firefox so we will need to “Save” the file first. If you are using Internet Explorer you may just click “Run Now”.

3.The next screen we will save the file.

Free Anti-Virus 4

4.Once we save it you will need to double click the install file to get started.

Free Anti-Virus 5

5.The next screen you will need to click “Run”.

Free Anti-Virus 6

6. Now the file will be extracted.

Free Anti-Virus 7

7. The next screen will be where you actually start the install of AVG so you will need to select your language and click “Next”.

Free Anti-Virus 8

8. The next screen will be the AVG License Agreement; I suggest you read this over. If you accept their policy, then click “Accept”. Free Anti-Virus 9

9. Select “Basic Protection” on the next screen.

Free Anti-Virus 10

10. Here is a quick Tip, if you select “Express Install”, you will download the AVG Toolbar, Set AVG Secure Search as your default homepage, and Set AVG Secure Search and your default Search provider. If you want AVG to do all of these then choose “Express Install” and click “Next”. If you don’t want them to change anything then select “Custom Install” and uncheck all the check boxes and leave the Destination folder alone and click “Next”. Free Anti-Virus 11

11. On the next screen accept all the defaults and click “Next” (If you selected Express Install then you will not have this step and Setup will automatically begin).

12. AVG is now being installed. Note: this might take a few minutes, so if you want to go get a snack or something to drink, you will have enough time.Free Anti-Virus 12

13. And finally, if you want to help AVG improve their product you can leave it selected otherwise uncheck it and then Click “Restart Now”. Free Anti-Virus 13

14. When you restart AVG will be installed and ready to go.

From Ninite’s website

1. This by far is the easiest way to download AVG. You simply go to Ninite and scroll to the middle of the Page where you find “Security” and place a check mark on AVG. Free Anti-Virus 14

2. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Get Installer”.

Free Anti-Virus 21


Note: Depending on what Internet Browser you are using is what you will click next. We are using Firefox so we will need to “Save” the file first. If you are using Internet Explorer you may just click “Run Now”.

3. The next screen we will save the file.

Free Anti-Virus 15


4. Once we save it you will need to double click the install file to get started.

5. The next screen you will need to click “Run”.

Free Anti-Virus 16

6. Now the file will be extracted. AVG is now being downloaded.

Free Anti-Virus 18

If you click the “Show Details” link then you will see what is happening.

7. AVG is now being installed.

Free Anti-Virus 19

8. When this finishes AVG will be installed. You will need to restart your computer now.

See how much easier downloading from Ninite was compared to downloading it from AVG’s website?

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Internet Speed

How to Test Internet Speed

Did you know that there is a way to check up on your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and make sure they are truly giving you your Internet speed that you are paying for? If you ever feel like your internet speed is real slow or lagging, you might want to run a speed test to see how much bandwidth is available to you at the current time. There are several different websites offering a speed test. Note: One thing to remember, you should never pay for a speed test. Some websites will make you pay for this service. There are plenty of websites that offer this service FREE to the public. Below, I will list a couple of the websites that you can visit to test your ISP’s speed. Internet Speed Test

Internet Speed TestLately, we found has stood out the best and has been the most accurate internet speed test of all. has a large list of global test locations available, this makes for more accurate test results.

As well as having a large global list of test locations, this website will search for the nearest server automatically based on your IP Address for even more accurate test results. also have apps for both iOS (iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc.) and Android platforms. This allows you to be able to test your phones or any another other device’s internet speed. Internet Speed Test

Over the years we have used to be our top speed tester and have never been disappointed. We just recently switched from usingInternet Speed Test 2 to using not because of any flaws in their operation but because we feel was more user friendly. As far as accuracies both are equal and of great quality. The only downside we have seen that has is that it does not automatically search for your closet server, you have to manually choose the area where you are closest to. Which is not a bad thing for more advanced users but for beginners it can be quite confusing.

Note: Like, uses Ookla as their servers.


What is Dropbox?

DropboxDropbox is an online service that allows you to store your personal documents and able to access them from anywhere in the world. With this service you will no longer need to have CDs or flash drives to have your files backed up on.

How does Dropbox work?

Once Dropbox is installed on your device, it will create a folder (by default this folder will be created on your desktop but you can choose to move the folder somewhere else) where you can save all your files in there. You can also drag and drop your documents, pictures, and music over to this folder. Dropbox also has an app for all the major OS platforms, for example: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android

What can I use Dropbox for?

Dropbox can be used in many different ways. Let’s just say you forgot your flash drive at home and you have to have a specific document from your flash drive. If you had a Dropbox account then you wouldn’t have this problem. If you had an account you would be able to log on to their website and simply download your document. You can also let specific people see your Dropbox files at the same time you can control what those specific people can see and what their access to the files are.

How much does Dropbox cost?

Currently Dropbox offers their users both free and paid services with the only difference in service is the amount of storage. Surprisingly, Dropbox offers a free account where users get 2GB of space this can be boosted up to a 10GB account by referring others to the service. For every user that registers through your referral, you will get an extra 250MB of storage. If the paid option is the way you want to go then there are a couple of different storage options you can go with. Their options for the paid accounts are between 50GB and 100GB ranging from $10 – $20 per month.


Bad Keyboard

Do you think you might have a Bad Keyboard?


Bad Keyboard


Here are a few trouble shooting tips you can try to see if it may be a bad keyboard.

1.Try making sure the connections are plugged in.If you are using a USB keyboard, try moving it to another USB Slot.
Bad Keyboard 2
2. If you are using a PS2 connection, make sure it is plugged in and then restart your computer.Bad Keyboard 33. Verify that all wires are not cut or frayed.

4. If you have a second keyboard try plugging it in to see if it will work.

5. Check to see if you are using the correct drivers. You can visit your keyboard manufacturer’s website to get the latest drivers for your keyboard.

List of Top Keyboard Manufacturer’s Website:

Dell                  Logitech

Microsoft        IBM

6. Last option make sure that nothing is jamming any of the keys from being pressed and that all dust has been blown off of keys.

7. If you have tried all the  options and the keyboard is still not working, we suggest you replace your keyboard.


Overheating Issues

What is an Overheating Issue?

Have you ever noticed in your house, when you leave your ceiling fan on everyday for a week, the amount of dust it collects on it? This is the same thing that happens to computers. When you leave your computer on every day, dust collects in the computer but mainly it collects in the fan, this causes an overheating issue. If this is not treated it will cause your computer to slow down, restart your computer, and even in extreme cases it can fry your motherboard or CPU. Dust gets trapped in the fan making it harder for the fan to turn. If the fan isn’t able to run as fast as it needs to, it will not be able to cool your computer. When your computer is not cooled then you begin to notice that your computer is lagging and restarts often. Eventually, the computer will become so dusty and hot that the circuits on the motherboard will get fried.

How to fix an Overheating Issue for a PC

Follow these simple steps to make sure you are free of dust and from any foreseen disasters.

1. Turn computer off.

2. Wait around 10 minutes for your computer to cool down.

3. Remove the side of the computer case.

4. Locate your canned air. Take your canned air and blow the dust from the Power Supply and the CPU Fan.

Overheating Issue

5. While you are in there go ahead and blow away any other dust that you see might be left in the case.

6. Replace the side of the computer case.

7. Turn the computer back on.

8. If the computer runs fine and does not restart your done but if it still runs slow or restarts you may have malicious software on your computer. Refer to our Virus Removal page on how to remove this.

How to fix an Overheating Issue for a Laptop

1. Turn computer off.

2. Wait around 10 minutes for your computer to cool down.

3.Locate your heat sink and CPU fan. Typically your heat sink will be on the left side of your laptop (sometimes in the back of the laptop) and the CPU fan will usually be underneath the laptop.

4. Take your can of air and blow the heat sink out and the CPU fan out until you do not see any dust coming out anymore.

5.Turn the computer back on.

6.If the laptop runs fine and does not restart your done but if it still runs slow or restarts you may have malicious software on your laptop. Refer to our Virus Removal page on how to remove this.