Bad Keyboard

Do you think you might have a Bad Keyboard?


Bad Keyboard


Here are a few trouble shooting tips you can try to see if it may be a bad keyboard.

1.Try making sure the connections are plugged in.If you are using a USB keyboard, try moving it to another USB Slot.
Bad Keyboard 2
2. If you are using a PS2 connection, make sure it is plugged in and then restart your computer.Bad Keyboard 33. Verify that all wires are not cut or frayed.

4. If you have a second keyboard try plugging it in to see if it will work.

5. Check to see if you are using the correct drivers. You can visit your keyboard manufacturer’s website to get the latest drivers for your keyboard.

List of Top Keyboard Manufacturer’s Website:

Dell                  Logitech

Microsoft        IBM

6. Last option make sure that nothing is jamming any of the keys from being pressed and that all dust has been blown off of keys.

7. If you have tried all the  options and the keyboard is still not working, we suggest you replace your keyboard.