Hi my name is Mark.  I am a 30 year old guy. I have a beautiful wife that I owe everything to, three awesome dogs, and a loving family. I work for a school system fixing Teacher and Student computers every day. I am a Dell, HP, and Toshiba warranty repair specialist. I also have other certifications but will not list them all here. Let me tell you more about me and what I want to create here.

Here is my Story

I have been in the Information Technology business for the past ten years. I have seen a lot of shady antics in those ten years. From a co-worker over charging a customer. Or someone didn’t like the customer’s attitude, so it took an extra few days to get their computer back to them. I have created this website to show you, the customer, exactly what it takes to fix your own basic computer issues and also what you need to know if you have someone to work on your computer.

Like I have already stated, I have been in the IT industry for ten years. The first couple of years I worked in a mom and pop shop fixing computers. That later transitioned into a contracting position for a local manufacturing company. It is at that manufacturing company where I learned the basics and advanced techniques for computer repair that I use until this day.

The next year or so I finished my college education in Information Technology. I obtained a job in a local school system where I was taught even more troubleshooting skills, customer relationship skills, and advanced computer networking skills. Working in this environment I realized what mistakes people were making on their computers by not being aware of what they were using.

From here I would move onto another local school system where I currently work. I would say each career path that I have chosen to take as lead me to gain greater knowledge in computer repair, customer relations, and how computer problems really can be fixed by anyone willing to attempt the fix.

So why am I creating this website?

With this website, I want to show anyone that wants to save money, how you can fix your own computer free of charge. I have seen too many people in the past get burned by computer technicians. As you will read some of these basic computer repairs you will literally find it will take you ten minutes to fix. Hopefully, I can put my ten years of computer repair service experience into this website to better benefit you!

If you have any questions concerning this website or computer related questions, please feel free to use the contact page here on the website or feel free to contact me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you now better understand who I am and why I created this website.

Thank you,