Computer Repair Services

Computer Repair ServicesComputer Repair Services

Tired of paying way too much money for Computer Repair? Exhausted from the hassle of finding a trustworthy technician? We will provide you with the knowledge to repair your computer FREE of charge! 

What is a “Computer”?

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A computer is an electronic device that controls information or “data.” A computer can store, retrieve, and process data. Users can use a computer to send email, browse the internet and type documents. Computers can also be used to play video games, take pictures, record video, and much more.

All computers consist of two basic parts:

Hardware– This is the Physical Components of a computer, for example, a Monitor or a Mouse.

Software– This is any set of machine-readable instructions that direct a computer’s processor to perform specific operations. For example: Microsoft Word or Computer Games.

“Operating System or OS”

This is a software program that allows the computers hardware to exchange information and function with the computers software that is installed. Without an Operating system, the computer that you are using would be inoperable.

What is a “USB Flash Drive” and its purpose?

Computer Repair Services 3A USB Flash Drive is a small storage device that you can take on the go with you that can transfer files from one device to another device. The purpose of having a USB Flash Drive is too be able to have your important files with you at all times. This may be to print your homework out at school that you forgot to do last night. It could also be for quickly showing someone a picture of your Grandchild. Or like most computer tech savy guros, we carry computer utilities on there where we can quickly get a program installed on a computer.


What is “Social Media?”Computer Repair Services 4

Social Media is anything that is shared online. This could be in the form as Text, Pictures, Video and Music to name a few. Social Media is not just for kids anymore. There are many users that are 50 or older using Social Media sites to catch up on old friends, view grandchildren pictures, and watch videos of their family.

The correct way to search on Google.

Google is a powerful way of knowing anything that you would ever want to know about, you just need to be able to ask Google the right way. For Example:

1) Exact Phrase:

If you wanted to search for Scuba Diving, and wanted to know everything about it you would want to search for the Exact Phrase. To do this, you will simply just put the phrase that you want to search for in double quotes.

Ex: “Scuba Diving”

2) Excluding Words:

Now let’s say you wanted to search for Scuba Diving but knew you didn’t want anything to come up that was for Scuba Diving Rentals or Scuba Diving Products. This is called Excluding Words. To do this, you will simply just put the “-” in front of the word you don’t want showing up.

Ex: Scuba Diving -Rentals -Products